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Cordials and Liqueurs
Amaretto 12
Baileys 12
Campari 12
Chambord 14
Chartreuse 23
Cointreau 16
Fernet Branca 12
Frangelico 13
Grand Marnier 15
Jägermeister 11
Kahlua 12
Benedictine 12
Licor 43 12

Affogato 11 –gf-
vanilla ice cream, espresso shot, crushed hazelnuts,
chocolate sauce, whipped cream (add baileys shot $12)

Chocolate-Avocado-Banana “Brulée” (vegan) 10 –gf-
vegan “custard” with caramelized banana topping

Butter Toasted Cornmeal Pound Cake 10
lemon curd, seasonal berries, whipped cream cheese

Chocolate Ganache Tart 9
graham cracker crust, toasted marshmallow,
side raspberry coulis

Key Lime Pie 10
Yes, it’s homemade

Frozen Key Lime Popsicle 10 –gf-
Served with whipped cream
Add a shot of rum or tequila (list price)

Chocolate Molten 10
vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, raspberry coulis
We Proudly serve Artifex Coffee
—locally roasted in Alpharetta, GA—small batch blends and single origin

Fresh Brew 3.50
Café Au Lait 4.50
fresh brew with steamed milk
Chocolate Au Lait 5.00
fresh brew with steamed chocolate milk
Cappuccino 5.00
1:1:1 espresso, milk, foam
Shot of Espresso 3.50Latte 5.50
Espresso and steamed milk(Mocha or Caramel latte + 0.50)


Espresso Martini 15
vodka, espresso, kahlua, baileys, creme de cacao
The Street 13
baileys infused cappuccino
Carajillo 13
Licor 43, espresso, ice
Baileys and Coffee 13
Irish Coffee 13
Irish whisky, sugar, whipped cream
Nutty Irishman 13
coffee, frangelico, baileys
Spanish Coffee 13
rum, kahlua, whipped cream
B-52 Coffee 13
baileys, kahlua, grand marnier
Black Forest Coffee 13
Chocolate au lait with chambord, crème de cacao